“I have learned so much since meeting Faiy. Experiencing the most amazing feelings of wellbeing when receiving Reiki, never thought you could feel like this after a treatment. More importantly for me, each time I visit Faiy I feel uplifted and inspired.” – Paula


“Having never experienced Reiki before, I did not expect to be on this path of healing and learning which has, and still is changing my life, enabling me to move beyond some really old concerns! Thank you Faiy, for your inspiration, your caring and the lovely energy you bring to your treatments and teaching.” – Rena Willis


“Having suffered repeated bouts of PTSD I knew I would be susceptible to more mental health issues in the future, not a cheering prospect. However, I’d heard about Mindfulness and thought I’d give it further investigation by doing an 8 week MBSR course. I knew immediately on week 1 that this course was for me and Faiy was the right person to teach me too, but I underestimated the powerful effect that this course would have on me.
10 months on and I practice Mindfulness every day, with all the skills that Faiy taught me throughout the course. Not only have I avoided having any debilitating mental health issues, I’ve coped with huge life changes, so much easier than I thought possible. Faiy’s constant support throughout the course and through continuing practice days and retreats, are key to the longevity of the effectiveness of mindfulness on my life.
Friends and family have seen such a huge change in me and my happiness, that many have also joined Faiy in the 8 week MBSR courses too.” –
Heidi Gaffney-Evans



“I would recommend Reiki and Faiy as a guide and teacher to everyone because her energy and love she emanates will make you feel safe and cared for.” – Marcin Szczypka


“My wellbeing sessions with Faiy has helped me to concentrate better in my work and life. I have learned how to control my worries, not letting them chew up in my mind. Be happy, enjoy life and let it be (.b) Thank you Faiy for all your help, I have become a better person.”– Ana Paula Pereira


“Faiy is an inspiration, brilliant Reiki teacher and practitioner.”– Helen Sinclair


“Faiy has made a profound and long lasting impact on the young students in her care. The wellbeing program allows students to fully understand where they are, where they want to be and gives them the toolkit to achieve their goals. The change in my students who have worked with Faiy is transformational and they are grateful everyday for a new and better way to grow their lives.” -Clare McLoughlin – Art Teacher and Student Voice Coordinator – Kingswood


“As a person who has suffered from anxiety for many years, I was desperate to find a way to put an end to the downward spiral of negative thoughts and behaviour I found myself in. By chance, I heard about Faiy and enrolled on her 8 week mindfulness programme. I can honestly say it has been life changing. Faiy’s compassion, honesty and wise teaching took me on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. Six months on, I live mindfully everyday, and as a result I’m no longer plagued by negative thoughts and worry. I’m a calmer, contented and more loving mother, wife and friend. I have Faiy to thank for that. ” – Caryl Reading

“I have been attending the Reiki shares for some time now. I look forward to it in the knowledge that I will feel soothed, rested and refreshed after the session. Faiy gives her time and spirit with generosity which I feel encourages us to do the same. My life and health have definitely been richer since attending the sessions.” – Lorraine D


“I attended Faiy’s MBSR course in my workplace recently. I was initially somewhat sceptical as to how Mindfulness would benefit me and moreover felt it would be impossible to fit yet another task into my already frantically busy life. After 3-4 weeks of persistence and “making” myself do the practices my family and friends commented on how much calmer I appeared. I was able to apply the techniques in both my personal and work life which I found enormously beneficial. The sessions themselves were run in a very friendly, nurturing and supportive way and I would thoroughly recommend Mindfulness to everyone” – Jo Harris


“The MBSR Course has changed my life for the better, and has opened up my eyes and mind to a new way of thinking and being. I frequently talk abut Mindfulness and highly recommend it.
Faiy is an experienced teacher and you feel secure in her presence. It is also great to be amongst like minded people, who have been through similar situations and are at a similar stage to yourself; attending the follow up sessions has enabled me to be part of a lovely, supportive community.
I am seriously considering completing the course again!
– Helen Fursdon