Wellbeing education helps young people and adults respond more positively to life’s ups and downs

The purpose of learning wellbeing techniques is to enable people to take more control of how they experience their own lives; how they feel about themselves, their relationships with people and their life direction and purpose. This is achieved through learning practices that allow them to transform the way they see themselves and the world around them.

Having emotional wellbeing is not only a fantastic way to feel it is also essential to physical health and longevity, various research studies have shown that mental stresses and strains are key contributing factors in many of the major illnesses like heart disease, stroke and cancer. There are techniques we can develop that help us manage stress better and improve our wellbeing  so it would be beneficial to learn them.

Though we have very little control over what happens to us in life it is possible to have control over the way we respond to what happens to us and to learn ways of looking at the world that help us bounce back quicker from difficulties. Everyone deserves to have a happy, fulfilled life and it is possible to train yourself to respond more positively to life’s ups and downs and have a more optimistic outlook.

Happy In My Skin offers wellbeing education to young people and adults, one-to-one or in groups, working on ways to manage stress, anxiety and other difficult emotions through emotional resiliency work, learned optimism, secular mindfulness based stress reduction, gratitude and compassion practices, meditation and relaxation techniques alongside the basic wellbeing health foundations of improved nutrition, exercise, sleep etc, ultimately learning to be ‘Happy in my skin’.

For more information or to discuss how this service might work in your setting or for you please contact us.